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Volume 29, Number 34c, August 24, 2022
Note To AVweb Readers Regarding Comments
Thanks to all of you, AVweb has become the dominant crossroads of information and opinion in the diverse fields of general, commercial, and military aviation and space flight. The staff works tirelessly to find and disseminate the latest and most[…]   Read this article
Video: ScaleWings Carbon Fiber Mustang Replica At AirVenture 2022
With lots of downsized P-51 replicas to choose from, ScaleWings’ carbon fiber version offers the Revell-model ease of assembly, while retaining the all-metal “look.” The Germany-based company painstakingly duplicated all the rivets, screws, hardware—even replicated the fabric-covered rudder—with indentations in[…]   Read this article
David Clark 'Fly a legend April 28 2022
Airbus Research Shows Strong Growth In U.S. Bizjet Market
Most people don’t associate Airbus with private aviation, but its Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) division not only fields a widespread fleet of Airbus airliners in corporate configuration, but also conducts well-respected market research in the field. The most recent study[…] Read this article

Garmin 'Webinar Pilot app 101: aircraft setup
Honoring Bessie Coleman, American Crews A Flight With All Black Women
This week, American Airlines operated a flight out of Dallas crewed entirely by Black women, including pilots, flight attendants, cargo handlers and maintenance technicians. The flight was in honor of the 100th anniversary (plus one year due to COVID) of[…] Read this article

Aviation Consumer 'Buy Smart, buy safe Wed January 26 2022' 600x150
Short Final: The Easy Way
I was flying a Lear with a callsign of Coyote going into Midland, Texas. Me: “Fort Worth Center, Coyote 123, request EASYY for the straight‑in Runway 28 in Midland.” Center: “Coyote 123, cleared direct EASYY.” Me: “Direct EASYY, thank you.[…] Read this article