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Volume 29, Number 27e, July 8, 2022
NTSB Cites Failure To Remove Control Lock In Snodgrass Crash
The NTSB has cited the pilot’s failure to remove the flight control lock as the probable cause of the crash of a SIAI-Marchetti SM-1019B that killed respected airshow performer and retired naval aviator Dale “Snort” Snodgrass in July 2021. In[…]   Read this article
FAA Proposes Rule To Require More Efficient Jets And Turboprops
The FAA has proposed a rule designed to reduce greenhouse gasses emitted by large aircraft flying in U.S. airspace by requiring the aircraft to be more fuel efficient. The rule would apply to new subsonic jet and large turboprop and[…]   Read this article
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Daher Begins TBM 960 Deliveries In U.S.
Daher has begun delivering its TBM 960 single-engine turboprop in the U.S. following the model’s recent certification by the FAA. According to the company, the first two TBM 960s for U.S. customers departed from Daher’s headquarters in Tarbes, France, on[…] Read this article

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Top Five Tire Tips
While generally round and black in color, that’s almost all the characteristics aircraft tires have in common with their automotive siblings. In fact, a major difference is the construction and materials used in their manufacture. Aircraft tires and tubes primarily[…] Read this article

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Boeing Delivers 150th P-8
Boeing announced on Thursday that it has delivered the 150th P-8 Poseidon multi-mission maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft. Of the 150 delivered, 112 went to the U.S. Navy, 12 to Australia, 12 to India, nine to the United Kingdom and five[…] Read this article

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