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Volume 29, Number 33a, August 15, 2022
NTSB Issues Clipped Analysis Of Plane Swap Crash
In what may be the shortest final report ever issued by the NTSB, the board found the probable cause of the crash of a Cessna 182 being used in a made-for-streaming airplane swap stunt for Red Bull last April to[…]   Read this article
TRSA Asks: Can You Handle The Truth?
The Oxcart English/Aviation Dictionary defines TRSA as: Terminally Redundant Suspicious Airspace. And here now to illustrate how TRSAs continue to evade mention in polite aviation salons, is a transcribed actual event that could’ve happened. Reader discretion is advised but not[…]   Read this article
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The Long, Twisted And Slightly Ridiculous Story Of Avgas (Part 1)
For decades, the general aviation industry has struggled with finding a replacement for leaded avgas without success. The biggest driver of this failure is that there’s no reason to do so because the industry has been given an exemption to[…] Read this article

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Emirates Wants An A380 Replacement.
Emirates says it’s done the math and what the airline world needs is a replacement for the A380. CEO Tim Clark says passenger growth and runway capacity are not adding up and the only solution is an update of the[…] Read this article

Pilot Incapacitation Cited In Oregon Citation Crash
The NTSB has determined the pilot of a Citation involved in a high-profile crash in Oregon in early 2021 became incapacitated at the controls but it can’t say why. It listed the probable cause as “a loss of airplane control[…] Read this article

Navy Recovers F/A-18 Blown Off Carrier
The Navy has fished the F/A-18 that went overboard from the USS Harry S. Truman last month out of the Mediterranean. The fighter was blown off the deck in unexpectedly bad weather on July 8. The plane was back on[…] Read this article

AEA: Avionics Sales Rise In 2021
Business and general aviation avionics sales came in at more than $2.3 billion last year, according to the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) 2021 year-end Avionics Market Report. The amount represents a 6.5 percent increase in total year-end sales compared to[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, August 12, 2022
Short Final: Soaring Not far from the USAF Academy was Black Forest Gliderport (now closed). One of my fondest aviation memories is a wave-soaring flight over Pikes Peak in the early ’80’s. Dressed in cold-weather gear and breathing from a[…] Read this article