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The U.S. Department of Transportation has approved an alliance between three of the major U.S. airlines. The agreement between Delta, Northwest and Continental would allow them to sell seats on each other's flights if they agree to certain competitive rules. Low-fare carriers are against the proposed deal, as they call it a virtual merger of the three large operators. Eight state attorneys general also opposed the agreement, which they said could stifle competition, raise prices and lower standards of service...

An airliner struck one of the passenger jetways at New York's LaGuardia airport over the weekend. The Northwest Airlines Airbus A319 was being moved from a parking area to a gate when it hit the jetway, causing the plane's landing gear to collapse. A customer service agent on the jetway, three ground employees guiding the aircraft and two mechanics suffered minor injuries during the incident. A Northwest Boeing 757 was also was damaged in the collision, but no passengers were aboard either aircraft during the impact...

PBS's Nova program will feature an episode dedicated to the on the competition between Lockheed Martin and Boeing to win the Pentagon's joint strike fighter program. The program -- scheduled to air on February 4 -- will highlight each company's aircraft developments over more than three years as they competed for the richest military aircraft contract ever. For more information on the Nova special, visit their Web site.