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The July 3-20 Inventing Flight celebration in Dayton, Ohio, kicked off this weekend with a hot air balloon launch and a visit by President Bush. Events celebrating 100 years of flight will continue across the country through the year.

Fiat is selling its profitable aerospace division to prop up its ailing car business. The Carlyle Group, a U.S. equity company, bought 70 percent of the company while the Italian state-controlled Finmeccanica got the balance in the $1.7 billion deal. Fiat Avio makes engine parts, space propulsion parts, and components for the Joint Strike Fighter...

A bomb hoax evacuated part of New York's LaGuardia Airport Wednesday. The car-rental compound was cleared after a suspicious package was spotted in a car. The fake bomb was two flares taped together with a clock attached. There was a real gun and real ammunition in the car, though...

A record total of 87 aircraft will take part in the EAA AirVenture Cup Race. The race will cover 1,000 miles from Kitty Hawk to Dayton and finally to AirVenture 2003 in Oshkosh. Only homebuilts and experimentals are eligible for the race.