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Who saw what, and, at this point, who cares? The White House has offered clarification for the reported sighting of Air Force One on its super-secret trip to Baghdad for Thanksgiving. It was originally reported that a British Airways pilot inquired about the 747 on frequency. But amid scrutiny, officials now say the comments were offered by an employee of another airline or ATC and that the initial report was based on a verbal exchange involving an individual with an English accent. It was assumed the individual was a BA pilot. (Believe it, or don't believe it, just spare us your conspiracy theories ...)

An Airworthiness Directive (AD) will become effective Jan. 20 for certain Cessna 172s, 182s and 206s. The AD requires a software update of their KAP 140 autopilots. Certain Piper PA-31s are the subject of an AD that takes effect Feb. 9. requiring detailed visual inspection of rudder torque tubes and associated ribs for corrosion...

TSA Deputy Chief of Staff David Stone is the new TSA Acting Administrator. Stone takes over from Adm. James Loy, who became deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security last week. Stone is a retired Rear Admiral who once commanded the Nimitz battle group...

Boeing's latest unmanned aerial vehicle, the X-50A Dragonfly, had its first flight Dec. 4. The Dragonfly takes off like helicopter but its rotor stops in flight to become a wing, allowing speeds much higher than a helicopter. The aircraft took off, hovered, and landed in its first 80-second flight.