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The federal government has upheld a ban on large aircraft at Teterboro Airport. The appropriations bill signed by President Bush last week contained a clause limiting the airports use to aircraft weighing 100,000 pounds or less. Local activists were elated, owners of Boeing Business Jets (170,000 pounds) were not...

The FAA is dragging its feet on safety recommendations resulting from the crash of Swissair Flight 111 according to the producers of a documentary television special on the crash. The Canadian Transportation Safety Board issued 23 recommendations from its investigation of the crash, which occurred off the coast of Nova Scotia while the flight was en route from New York to Switzerland. The documentary, to air Feb. 17 on NOVA, says few of the recommendations have been adopted...

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association is going to court to force the government to settle contract disputes in 11 of its non-controller bargaining units. NATCA wants the court to force the Federal Services Impasses Panel to take on the disagreements. The panel recently refused to get involved.