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An errant pilot saw the light last Saturday during an unauthorized excursion over Minneapolis. An Air Force F-16 launched a flare to get the attention of the pilot, who was busting a presidential TFR over the Twin Cities. By now, the pilot can almost certainly say he's met a real Secret Service man...

There's never a good time to lose an engine on takeoff but a few months from now would have been better for a Bend, Ore., pilot. Wayne Perry's turbine-powered Maule flipped over (pilot and passenger were uninjured) after running over a road at the end of the runway during the forced landing last Friday. Work has just begun on moving the road to create the 1,000-foot runway protection zone now mandated by the FAA...

If you're planning on attending AOPA Expo in Long Beach, Calif., later this month you should probably start familiarizing yourself with the procedures. The big show goes from Oct. 21 to Oct. 23.