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Officials in Indonesia say technicians failed to properly secure a section of wing cap that came loose from a Batavia Air Boeing 737 last week. The 18 by 24 inch chunk of metal hit a house but no one was hurt and the aircraft landed safely ...

The FAA says it won't reopen public comment on the controversial restructuring of airspace in the New York area. Areas that will see an increase of overflights are outraged by the plan and several lawsuits have been filed. It's because of the pending litigation the FAA won't attend more hearings ...

More detailed inspections of composite rudders on Airbus A310 aircraft are being recommended by Transport Canada following completion of its investigation into the loss of a rudder on an Air Transat A310 over the Caribbean in 2005. The Board determined the plane likely took off with pre-existing damage that hadn't been detected in the normal inspection program.