On The Fly

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Physicist Stephen Hawking will get a firsthand opportunity to observe weightlessness. The renowned scholar and author has been offered a free seat on one of Virgin Galactic’s suborbital space flights in 2009…

Snakes On A Plane might be just a movie, but scorpions are the real deal. At least two incidences of scorpion bites were recorded on airliners last week, one in Vermont and another in Toronto. Neither of the passengers, both men, were seriously injured…

An open nose-baggage compartment door may have contributed to the cause of the crash of a Cessna Citation at Van Nuys (Calif.) Airport on Friday. A witness, an experienced corporate pilot, told ABC News he saw the door “wide open” and the aircraft verging on a stall before it banked to the right and crashed…

The turbine wheel from an engine of a landing cargo aircraft crashed through the roof of a house in suburban Chicago on Friday. The hot chunk of metal missed Dorothy Gohn’s bed by a couple of feet and burned a hole in the carpet. The aircraft in question landed safely but the FAA is investigating why the aircraft owner didn’t report the engine failure.