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Volume 30, Number 27a, July 3, 2023
Smoke Clearing In Oshkosh, AirVenture Preparations Continue
Like much of the northern area of the U.S., Oshkosh has been choking under smoke drifting in from forest fires in Canada but AirVenture officials say the annual show will go on as planned in late July. Readers have reported[…]   Read this article
Electric Airplanes: Bailing Out?
Given how much information hurls at us through our phones, our tablets and computers, not to mention the odorous miasma of cable news, you have to have either a heightened appreciation for the absurd or some kind of low dB[…]   Read this article
Aircraft Spruce 'Everything for Planes & Pilots
For Antique Airplanes, Blakesburg, Iowa Is The Place To Be
Blakesburg, Iowa, is not just the center of U.S. it’s also the center of the universe for antique airplanes of all stripes. And every August—after AirVenture—they hold a fly-in to commemorate interesting airplanes you’ll see nowhere else. In this short[…] Read this article

Lightspeed 'Never miss a CO alert
Chinese Balloon Loaded With U.S. Gear
Much of that Chinese spy balloon that the Air Force took out off the coast of South Carolina last February was made in the good old U.S.A. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that its sources told them the[…] Read this article

Whelen '10 years of trusted performance
Skunk Works Teases Manned Sixth Generation Fighter Design
Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks celebrated 80 years on the cutting edge of aviation technology with what might be a glimpse of a new manned fighter planform. The company is among those vying for the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) program and[…] Read this article

Aviation Safety 'Because staying in control is all that really matters'
FAA Allows 'Flying Car' To Enter Flight Testing
Alef Aeronautics caused some excitement in the flying car media this weekend with the announcement that it had received special airworthiness certification for the prototype of its unusual design. While some outlets had the skies imminently crowded with the traffic-hopping[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, June 30, 2023
Not-So-Gentle-T-Storms Informative, tragic, and with that simple photo of the storm front entirely predictable. With a dusty degree in Aeronautics and decades of 121 experience I had to Google the terms Sferics, graupel, and CAPE. I do admit while radar[…] Read this article