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Volume 29, Number 44d, November 3, 2022
FAA Mandates Otter Tail Inspections
The Seattle Times is reporting the FAA has ordered mandatory inspections of all 63 DHC3 Otters on the U.S. registry to confirm the correct assembly of the control links to the horizontal stabilizer. It’s specifically interested in ensuring a lock ring[…]   Read this article
Best Of The Web: A Cub, Vibrant Leaves And Nice Music
This week’s Best of the Web video comes from Joshua Ryan Blair, who published this short clip shot by a friend during peak fall colors a couple of years ago. No stick and rudder lesson, no accident reporting, no aviation[…]   Read this article
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Drone Development: Are We Keeping Up In This Game?
During my forced sojourn as a hurricane refugee last month, by happenstance, I had one of the most remarkable flight experiences of a 50-year-plus flying career. Maybe not the most amazing, but certainly in the top five. And my feet[…] Read this article

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FAA Buried In Airline Seat Size Comments
More than 26,000 people responded to the FAA’s request for comments on the ever diminishing airline seat and they were pretty much unanimous. In fact, at least 200 commenters described airline travel as “torture” because of the seats. From claimed[…] Read this article

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Judge Dismisses MAX Pilots' Suit Against Boeing
A federal judge has ruled that Boeing doesn’t have to pay for the career disruption suffered by pilots who were freshly typed in the 737 MAX when it was grounded in March of 2019. According to Simple Flying Judge Steven[…] Read this article

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Food Poisoning Diverts Holiday Flight
Life imitated art over Maine in mid-October when a first officer on a TUI Airways Boeing 787 was felled by suspected food poisoning. The aircraft, which was on a charter flight from Doncaster in the U.K. to Melbourne, Florida (used[…] Read this article