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Volume 30, Number 24c, June 14, 2023
Tecnam 'Postpones' All-Electric P-Volt Development Program
Tecnam announced this morning it is suspending developmental work on its all-electric P-Volt. “Tecnam has concluded that the time for P-Volt is not yet ripe,” the company announced, “although research activities will continue to explore new emerging technologies.” Capua, Italy-based[…]   Read this article
Actor And Avid GA Pilot Treat Williams Mourned Following Motorcycle Accident
General aviation is mourning the loss of actor and pilot Treat Williams, 71, who died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident yesterday (June 12) near his home in Vermont. According to local police, a car crossed over into the[…]   Read this article
Gogoair 'Gogo 5G
NATO Begins 'Largest-Ever' 10-Day Western Aerial Military Exercise
According to an Aljazeera report, NATO has launched the largest-ever Western deployment exercise. Led by the German Luftwaffe, “Air Defender 23” began yesterday (June 12) and involves some 250 aircraft and 10,000 service members from 25 NATO nations, including Japan[…] Read this article

Garmin 'GI 275 Engine monitor
Las Vegas Midair Elicits Lawsuit From Instructor Pilot's Family
According to reporting in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the family of a flight instructor killed in a midair collision is suing the estate of the other pilot involved in the accident, who also died. As previously reported, Donald Goldberg, 82,[…] Read this article

AEA 'Free Pilot's guide
Legendary WWII 4th Fighter Group Association Plans October Reunion
The Association of the 4th Fighter Group will hold a reunion this year in Savannah, Georgia, from Sept. 28 – Oct. 1. The association consists of servicemen, family members and devotees of the World War II 4th Fighter Group, which[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Giving Way
Our local airport has one strip, one departure, and a mix of general aviation and airliner traffic. Airliners often have a fixed wheels-up time and Ground will prioritize their movement over the general aviation traffic. The commercial ramp is between[…] Read this article