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Volume 30, Number 34a, August 21, 2023
'Pibot' Better Than Human Pilots Say Researchers
Korean researchers are developing a humanoid “pibot” that looks like a character from a 1960s science fiction sitcom but unlike most autonomous flight systems, this one can literally fill in for pilots in any aircraft. The team at the Korea[…]   Read this article
Windows Of Perception
In an earlier column I mentioned Aldous Huxley’s “doors of perception”—which he ripped off from William Blake—and how it influenced millions of teenagers like me in the late 1960s to buy Jim Morrison albums. Except I missed the point; often[…]   Read this article
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Why Did CubCrafters Make The Carbon Cub UL?
Rotax has been stepping in engine development for the past five years and the latest is the 916 UL. In this in-depth video, KITPLANES editor Marc Cook talks to CubCrafters’ Brad Damm about why the company went with the 916.[…] Read this article

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Pilot In Fatal Balloon Crash Impaired By Drugs
The NTSB says a balloon pilot was likely impaired by cannabis and cocaine when he and four passengers died in a sightseeing flight in Albuquerque in June of 2021. In its final report (search WPR21FA242 here) on the accident, the[…] Read this article

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MD-90 Test Bed For Trussed Wing Demonstrator Project
Boeing has chosen an old McDonnell-Douglas airliner as the test bed for the Transonic Truss Braced Wing that it hopes will eventually lift a new-generation passenger aircraft toward sustainability. NASA has contracted Boeing to build a Sustainable Flight Demonstrator and[…] Read this article

NavCanada Offers Temporary Amnesty On ADS-B Mandate Violations
Nav Canada says it has implemented a grace period for aircraft operators who enter Class A airspace in Canada (above 18,000 feet, IFR only) without the ADS-B equipment that meets the newly activated mandate. The not-for-profit air traffic management company[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, August 18, 2023
Second Chance Six Great story! My son and I recently bought an RV6A and have found the local airport folks to be VERY helpful as we learn to maintain the plane. Don’t know what we would do without them and[…] Read this article