Volume 28, Number 8a, February 15, 2021
Early Piper Spar Inspections Need AMOC Approval
Piper Cherokee owners who proactively checked the potentially problematic spars on their aircraft may not be in compliance with the […]   Read this article
Kobe Bryant Crash: Absolutely Nothing New To Learn
Here's a plaintive hope we'll some day learn to step up and stop expecting the FAA and the NTSB to save us from ourselves.   Read this article
Best of the Web: Flyin' to the Fishin'
As winter enters its last chilly month, winter sports are in full flight, especially the one featured in this thoughtfully […] Read this article

Air Force Goes Low And Slow With XCub (Corrected)
The Air Force’s latest test aircraft is probably the slowest in the fleet but that’s the whole point. A CubCrafters […] Read this article

757 Cargo Door Opens In Flight
German authorities are investigating the big surprise a DHL 757-200 crew got early Saturday when the huge cargo door opened […] Read this article

Poll: Are Cockpit Cameras a Good Safety Device?
Everyone has an opinion. AVweb's weekly poll offers you an opportunity to express yours. This week, tell us what you think of cockpit cameras as a safety device. Read this article

Spirit Resumes Hiring Pilots, Flight Attendants
Spirit Airlines has announced it is hiring new pilots and flight attendants in anticipation of a return to normal travel […] Read this article

PAL Certificates Suspended Amidst Financial Troubles
New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a continuing airworthiness notice on Thursday temporarily suspending the maintenance, design and manufacturing […] Read this article

Airplane-Effect Snow Falls Near Dallas
It was snowing south of Dallas earlier this week but don’t blame the weather, at least not entirely. The area […] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, February 12, 2020
This week's letters brought comments from readers about the coming end of Learjet production, the Bell X-1 and plans to attend Sun 'n Fun. Read this article