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Welcome to another installment of AVweb's aviation photography showcase, "Picture of the Week." Time's at a premium this week, so we'll jump right into the pictures without much ado but first, a big "thank you" to everyone who submitted this week. Thanks to your efforts, our weekly crop has shot back up to well over 100 photos. Keep 'em coming!


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copyright Daniel Valovich
Used with permission

Best Seats in the House

Daniel Valovich of Hot Springs, Arkansas shot this week's winning photo from 1,500 feet above a Labor Day fireworks display on Lake Hamilton. Daniel writes, "We had the best seats for the show," and it's hard to disagree.

Watch your mailbox, Daniel as this week's top winner, you'll be getting an official AVweb baseball hat in the mail within a few days!

AVweb continues to receive a large number of excellent images for our POTW contest. Here are some of the runners-up. Due to privacy issues, AVweb does not publish e-mail addresses of readers who submit photos.

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copyright Brandon Wren
Used with permission

Cessna 172 in Leadville, CO

Brandon Wren of Lima, Ohio got to see Leadville from the air when a friend took him up in this C-172 on a recent trip out to Colorado.

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Used with permission of Robert Bready

After the Thunderstorm

It's never too soon or late or warm, or ... anything to hear a harrowing story about icing. Robert Bready of Kennewick, Washington writes:

While flying IFR through benign stratus at 11,000-ft over NE Oregon I stumbled into an embedded area of convective Cumulus. I hadn't seen it coming because I was already IMC. I was hit with the roar of heavy rain, but it was liquid rain on my windshield. Only after emerging from the clouds did I notice that 'the liquid' had frozen all over my airplane.

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Used with permission of
Emmanuel Paraskakis

The Perfect Cub on a Perfect Summer Day

At the other end of the spectrum, Emmanuel Paraskakis of Athens, Greece doesn't seem to have much to worry about in the way of icing hazards. "Docked outside my hotel window in Loch Earn, Scotland," writes Emmanuel.

(Lucky so-and-so.)

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copyright Robbie Culver
Used with permission

Ultimate Raft Ride

Robbie Culver of Waukegan, Illinois asks, "Anyone up for a raft ride?"

We can always count on Robbie to get our blood pumping with the airborne shots he sends in from time to time. Here, the Chicagoland Skydiving team relishes a moment of freefall.

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copyright Michael McKean
Used with permission

Welcome, Race Fans

Michael McKean of Gig Harbor, Washington reminds us that some folks need ANR more than others. When your ears as as sensitive as this fella's, the sound of jet engines at the Reno Air Races might be more than you can handle without the proper equipment.

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Used with permission of Daniel Arkin

Crossing the York River (Over the CIA Farm)

Daniel Arkin of Richmond, Virginia flies us home this week.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Keep sending us photos, and we'll see you here next week!

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A Reminder About Copyrights: Please take a moment to consider the source of your image before submitting to our "Picture of the Week" contest. If you did not take the photo yourself, ask yourself if you are indeed authorized to release publication rights to AVweb. If you're uncertain, consult the POTW Rules or send us an e-mail.