Picture of the Week: AVweb's Flying Photography Showcase

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Each week, we go through dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of reader-submitted photos and pick the very best to share with you on Thursday mornings. The top photos are featured on AVweb's home page, and one photo that stands above the others is awarded an AVweb baseball cap as our "Picture of the Week."


Picture submissions crept back up to more comfortable territory this week, and with more pictures came a tougher time of choosing our favorite. As always, we resorted to a top-secret and very scientific algorithm flashing reader-submitted pictures in front a select group AVweb editors at 3-millisecond intervals and charting the increase in electrical impulses across the surface of the skin. It's a method that never fails, and the photo that made us tingle the most this week came from Lisa Salazar of Port St. Lucie, Florida.

We'll be away from the submission box next week, on assignment at Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida but that doesn't mean you should stop hitting that submit button! While we're out seeing the sights, we'll be counting on AVweb readers to send us photos of their airborne antics and fancy flyers.

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copyright Lisa Salazar
Used with permission

AeroShell Team in Action

With Sun 'n Fun just around the corner, there's no better way to kick off the air show season than with a "Picture of the Week" featuring the AeroShell Aerobatic Team thanks to Lisa Salazar of Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Lisa, we'll be dropping one of those coveted (and official!) AVweb baseball caps into the mail but if you stop by the booth at Sun 'n Fun, I'm sure we can scare one up to give you in person!

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copyright Movin' Pictures
Used with permission of H.B. Wise

Play Ball!

H.B. Wise of Arlington, Texas snapped this pic at the Texas Rangers' home opener. "What could be more inspiring than opening day baseball and low-level jet noise?" asks H.B. to which, frankly, we have no answer.

(Unless you count "weather warm enough for opening day," which applies in places a bit north of Texas this week.)

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Used with permission of Christopher Starr

Hookin' Up over Jacksonville, NC

Refueling photos never fail to get a woo-whee out of us. Christopher Starr of Grand Rapids, Michigan submitted this one on behalf of "a gentleman I work with [who] took a familiarization flight recently on a KC-135." The 135 in question was from the 927th Air Refueling Wing, and the F-15 from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.


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Used with permission of Jerry Malin

The Fighting Lady

Jerry Malin of Matthews, North Carolina sent us a couple of shots from Charleston, South Carolina's perennial tourist destination, the USS Yorktown. Strangely, we chose the one with the fewest planes ... .

Want more? Visit the "POTW" slideshow on our home page for more reader-submitted photos!

To enter next week's contest, click here.

A quick note for submitters: If you've got several photos that you feel are "POTW" material, your best bet is to submit them one-a-week! That gives your photos a greater chance of seeing print on AVweb, and it makes the selection process a little easier on us, too. ;)

A Reminder About Copyrights: Please take a moment to consider the source of your image before submitting to our "Picture of the Week" contest. If you did not take the photo yourself, ask yourself if you are indeed authorized to release publication rights to AVweb. If you're uncertain, consult the POTW Rules or send us an e-mail.