Picture of the Week: AVweb's Flying Photography Showcase

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Each week, we go through dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of reader-submitted photos and pick the very best to share with you on Thursday mornings. The top photos are featured on AVweb's home page, and one photo that stands above the others is awarded an AVweb baseball cap as our "Picture of the Week." Want to see your photo on AVweb.com? Click here to submit it to our weekly contest.


We hope you have a little cheese handy this morning, because we're about to break out the whine.


Picking this week's top photos was tough!

Seriously. Although we had only 58 new submissions to choose from this week, our "top contender" pile was ridiculous. There couldn't have been more waffling about which photos should make it into the AVwebFlash if we'd done this edition over breakfast.

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copyright Patty Wagstaff
Used with permission

Gathering of Mustangs

If your first thought on seeing the name of this week's winner is "Oh, that's not fair," then buddy, you ain't alone. We were just as shocked as you to learn that Patty Wagstaff (of St. Augustine, Florida) is as handy behind the lens as she is behind the stick but hey, them's the breaks. The lady can fly, she can snap pics of warbirds like nobody's business (apparently!), and she'll soon have an AVweb cap to keep the sun off her brow this winter.

(Wonder if she can write or code web pages? Hmmm ... .)

And lest we forget: Thanks to everyone who's sent us their Mustangs and Legends photos! Our own Mike Blakeney had a ball at the show, and the rest of us wish we could've gotten away but at least we've got the photos!

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Used with permission of
Jacqueline Monterrosa

Blue Angels in a Hot L.Z.

Yes, we admit it: Even though we've seen it a thousand times, we still get a charge from the Wall of Fire, even in photos and maybe especially in photos set against the blue skies of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii! Jacqueline Monterrosa of Kapolei, Hawaii serves up this pulse-pounding entry.

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copyright Eriams Photography
Used with permission of Eric Williams

The Long Wing of the Future

Eric Williams of Oakland, California snapped a couple of photos of the Airbus A380 for us at San Francisco International Airport. We have yet to see the aircraft in all its fully-functioning glory, but Eric's pics do a nice job of communicating the scale, don't you think?

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Used with permission of MIah Roggio

Touch Down

Miah Roggio of Birchrunville, Pennsylvania provides a serene backdrop for your weekend flying or your computer's desktop, if you're so inclined.

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Photo by Sean Morrissey
Used with permission of Herb Kushner

Short Final at 47N

Sean Morrissey sees us out this week, with a photo of submitter Herb Kushner cruising into Central Jersey Regional in his RV-4.

Want more? Cruise on over to AVweb's home page and check out our "POTW" slideshow, where you'll find all these photos plus another from Kaieteur Falls, some snaps from Anchorage and Antarctica (if you prefer cooler locales), and a sampling of the deluge of rainbow pics we received in the wake of last week's winning photo.

Look all you want, but don't forget to send us your photos, too! (Where do you think we get all these cool pictures?)

A quick note for submitters: If you've got several photos that you feel are "POTW" material, your best bet is to submit them one-a-week! That gives your photos a greater chance of seeing print on AVweb, and it makes the selection process a little easier on us, too. ;)

A Reminder About Copyrights: Please take a moment to consider the source of your image before submitting to our "Picture of the Week" contest. If you did not take the photo yourself, ask yourself if you are indeed authorized to release publication rights to AVweb. If you're uncertain, consult the POTW Rules or or send us an e-mail.