Picture of the Week: Something New for the New Year

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Beginning this week, we're making some changes to our regular "Picture of the Week" feature and we think you'll like them.

For starters, the slideshow on AVweb's home page is retiring. Over the last four years, the slideshow has brought you over 2,500 bonus pics that wouldn't fit into our five-pics-a-week story format but, going forward, we'll be cramming all of those bonus pics into the reformatted "POTW" column each week. That means the next 2,500 bonus pics won't disappear beneath the waves of time but will remain archived on AVweb.com, available via our site search just like everything else in our massive 15-year-old collection of news and feature stories.

We'll also be sharing more of the comments from our submitters including the camera specs and airplane details that sometimes got left out in our old "POTW" presentation. What you won't get is as much editorial yapping; ye olde "POTW" editor will be keeping his trap shut and spending more time picking out great photos to share with you in each week's gallery.

Of course, all of this hinges on the one element we hope doesn't change: You, the AVweb reader. Your sharp eye and two minutes of free time are the powerful engines that drive "Picture of the Week," so please keep submitting photos, and we'll keep sharing 'em with the rest of the world.