Picture of the Week: AVweb's Flying Photography Showcase

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Each week, we go through dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of reader-submitted photos and pick the very best to share with you on Thursday mornings.  The top photos are featured on AVweb's home page, and one photo that stands above the others is awarded an AVweb baseball cap as our "Picture of the Week."  Want to see your photo on AVweb.com?  Click here to submit it to our weekly contest.


Terrific photos continued to flow into "POTW" headquarters, even while we were away at Oshkosh kicking tires, er, working hard.  We'll keep the banter short this week in order to squeeze in a couple of extra pics.  If there were but world enough and time, we'd go on and on about the 120 photos we had to wade through this week and what a tough choice it was selecting only a handful to appear in today's issue.  But we think you'll get the idea when you see the pics that we just couldn't turn away.  Let's hit it!

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Used with permission of Leonard Mack

Sunset Ultralights at Oshkosh 2007

It's always satisfying when the post-AirVenture "Picture of the Week" comes from the show and maddening, in a way, since we really did think we saw everything there was to see this year.

Foolish us.  Leonard Mack of Hilliard, Ohio, hung around for the ultralight air shows every night at dusk (whereas we went back to the hotel to write up stories).  Thankfully, Leonard snapped some photos for us, even if it isn't exactly the same as being there.


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copyright Don Parsons
Used with permission

Raptor Takeoff

Man, do we ever love to watch this thing zoom around the air shows and hover mysteriously in mid-air!  Don Parsons of St. Peters, Missouri caught the spirit of the F-22 demo perfectly.  (Note the onlooker plugging his ears with his fingers.)

Say some of you "POTW" contributors need to stop by our booth and say hello while you're at Oshkosh!


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Used with permission of Jeff Randall

Bulldog Bank

One of the week's tragic losses was the death of Jim Leroy, and we're grateful to all the "POTW" readers who sent us pics of LeRoy working his aerobatic magic over the last few days.  (We'd love to see more, if you have them.)

LeRoy "always put on a good show," writes Jeff Randall of Clyde, Texas.  "Here, he pulls and banks after cutting the red ribbon in last year's Ft. Worth Alliance Air Show."


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Used with permission of Dan McCoy

Alone in an Osprey Sauna

Who could resist a description like this one, from Dan McCoy of Pennsville, New Jersey:  "On the end of our flight ramp, the hot tarmac pounded with rain, ready to go, a lone crew chief seemingly standing on water.  (There's actually a river between the trees and the aircraft.)"

Dan credits a co-worker with the photo, but we have to give him a tip of the hat for sending us our Desktop Wallpaper of the Week!  (And this was up against some awesome skylines that didn't make it into the "POTW" proper, by the way.)


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Used with permission of Ralph Lacomba

Must ... Resist ...

Nothing says "AirVenture" better than this sign!  Frequent "POTW" contributor Ralph Lacomba of Columbia, South Carolina took a minute to fool around for the camera and captured the spirit of the show perfectly.  Maybe we'll even forgive him for not stopping by the booth and introducing himself.



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copyright Paul D. T. Berrelkamp
Used with permission

Taxiing Fokker Spin

Not all the fun to be had last week happened in Oshkosh!  Paul Berrelkamp of North Holland in the Netherlands was shooting photos of "probably the last flyable Fokker Spin in the world, built in 1936 (taken from the original model from 1911) ... at the Airport in Leylstad in the Netherlands (EHLE) in front of theme park the Aviodrome."


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copyright Daniel Lyons
Used with permission

Before Hell Breaks Loose

And a somber reminder that some pilots weren't having fun at all, but were instead serving in the world's military forces.  Daniel Lyons shot this as pilots were preparing for a border flight from the Forward Operations Base at Tallafar, Iraq.

Update:  Thanks to AVweb reader Dr. Dieter Zube whom confirmed the origin and copyright of last week's Boeing 7-series photo through the Seattle Museum of Flight!

Remember:  There are more reader-submitted photos in the slideshow on AVweb's home page!

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A quick note for submitters:  If you've got several photos that you feel are "POTW" material, your best bet is to submit them one-a-week!  That gives your photos a greater chance of seeing print on AVweb, and it makes the selection process a little easier on us, too.  ;)

A Reminder About Copyrights: Please take a moment to consider the source of your image before submitting to our "Picture of the Week" contest. If you did not take the photo yourself, ask yourself if you are indeed authorized to release publication rights to AVweb. If you're uncertain, consult the POTW Rules or or send us an e-mail.