AVweb 'Classifieds Jobs Spotlight January 11 2023'
Volume 30, Number 2c, January 11, 2023
Soaring Prices For Used Aircraft Appear To Be Leveling Off
Aircraft valuation specialist Sandhills Global (parent company for Controller, AviationTrader and Aircraft Cost Calculator among other outlets) noted that inventories for used aircraft in all classes, including piston singles, have increased and asking prices decreased in December 2022, dipping from[…]   Read this article
NATA Refreshes Its Anti-Misfueling Education Program
Partially in view of coming unleaded aviation fuels, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has updated its Safety 1st General Aviation Misfueling Prevention Program. Steve Berry, NATA managing director of safety, said, “The new training refreshes the original content and[…]   Read this article
Bose 'PFS 2 female pilot
'Boutique' Down-Under Flight School Targets Personal Flyers
A startup flight school based in Queensland, Australia, is hoping its training philosophy will resonate with potential personal pilots. Rather than focusing on flying as a career path (though its program does include training to a commercial rating), Team Aviation[…] Read this article

Garmin 'Webinar GP 101 January 11 2023'
How To Save A Few Bucks On Your Next Private Jet Flight
Along with an across-the-board tidal wave in private jet travel associated with the pandemic, “jet cards” prospered mightily. Many well-heeled travelers used the high-end debit travel cards to explore private flying for the first time. But just as the tsunami[…] Read this article

Aviation Consumer 'Take the guesswork out...'
Short Final: Mistaken Identity
At my home airport, apparently the controllers know my voice. But this day I was flying a friend’s airplane back to our home airport from maintenance, and the weather was characteristically benign with smooth air and clear skies with unlimited[…] Read this article