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Two weeks ago, AVweb was preparing for Sun 'n Fun and the 9/11 Commission was just beginning to hear the testimony of Condoleezza Rice and we asked readers how they feel about "terror in the skies."  The overwhelming majority of you (almost 500 people, 63% of poll respondents) put your foot down and said that we're needlessly demonizing airplanes by painting them as potential weapons of terror.  But a respectable 15% of those polled said there are legitimate fears regarding air terror.  Of those who thought there was a clear and immediate danger in the skies, most agreed that commercial jets (like those used in the WTC attack) pose the greatest threat.  Only a handful of readers (less than 1%) are kept awake at night by the possibility of an ultralight invasion ... .


This week, AVweb wants to know what you think about the Sport Pilot initiative.  It's been a long time coming, but will it come to pass?  Click here to answer this week's polling question.

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