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Last week, AVweb asked readers about that modern medical marvel, LASIK eye surgery.  This week, AVweb's merry webmaster paid a ridiculous amount of money for new glasses and is seriously rethinking his own position on the matter.  But it's not his opinion we care about it's yours, and the vast majority of you (72% of respondents) are either too conservative to take a chance on LASIK or are waiting a few more years for the technology to prove itself.  Only 12% of respondents confidently responded that they're convinced of the benefits.  And of the 54 AVweb readers who reported having LASIK surgery, 51 regard it as one of their best decisions, and 3 consider it a mistake.


This week, AVweb wants to know what you think of the FAA.  (Never let it be said that we don't ask the big questions.)  Hold tight to your mouse and click here to tell us what you think.

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