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Last week, AVweb asked readers what will happen when (and if) we finally run out of 100LL.  As you might guess, our readership isn't exactly hoarding avgas 155 of you (36% of respondents) say that, with over a quarter million engines depending on it, 100LL isn't going away anytime soon.  Another 144 of you (34%) are ready to switch to a Jet A engine or other alternative.  "No big deal," you tell us.  64 of you said that the Honda engine would surely rise to prominence in a World Without 100LL, and 18 resourceful participants (4%) said AOPA should think about opening a refinery ... .


In July of 2001, the words of a controller may have directed a Russian passenger jet into the path of a DHL 757. The results were fatal. Two weeks ago, a PA-44-180 impacted ridge after complying with an ATC instruction to descend to an altitude below the ridgeline, according to an NTSB report.

How often do you invoke your discretion to defer the suggestion of a controller in the interest of your own safety? Click here to share your opinion.

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