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Last week, we asked how AVweb readers feel about new high-tech instrument panels. By and large, you're ready for 'em! 42% of our respondents think it's about time for more comprehensive and reliable instrumentation in the cockpit. Another 33% of you said you were unintimidated by the new panels, answering "what I need to know, I'll learn." A cautious (and well-reasoned) 16% agreed that flying these new-paneled aircraft requires you to be as good a systems manager as you are a pilot and said that would leave them out of the newer planes, at least until they caught up to the learning curve. Only 5% of our readers chose the answer More capable machines don't matter if you don't know how to use the things and I don't.

No one thought the new instrument panels were overpaid.


This week, AVweb wants to hear your predictions about LSA and what will happen when the first major accident occurs in a Light Sport Aircraft. Do you believe that the first bad and highly publicized event involving a Light Sport Aircraft will kill the new category? Click here to chime in.

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