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Last week's question about VFR above an overcast layer (submitted by AVweb reader Steve Biddle) proved very popular with readers.  We received over 1,200 responses, mostly from readers who thought our hypothetical pilot was in the clear (er, so to speak).

55% of you (689 respondents) thought it was poor judgement to attempt flying VFR over an overcast, but not necessarily illegal.  Another 34% (424 of you) said the flight was legal only as long as there was no emergency.  The final 11% of respondents (138 people) said there was no loophole to excuse our reckless pilot:  For all practical purposes (and FAA enforcement purposes), he was breaking the law.

So what's the real answer?  AVweb posed this question to FAA staffer William Shumann, who says most of our readers made the wrong call!  You can read Shumann's comments (and other AVweb readers' comments) in this week's AVmail.



This week, AVweb asks the simplest (or hardest?) question of them all:

Why do you fly?

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