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Last week, AVweb asked who you voted for in the U.S. Presidential elections and whether your candidate's positions on GA had affected your vote.

George W. Bush won a clear majority of the AVweb vote, but not because of his stands on GA. 52% of you reported casting a Republican ballot, but not because of the party's GA platform. Only 4% of our respondents said they voted for Bush specifically because of GA issues.

More John Kerry supporters were in his camp because of GA 8% of you reported being swayed by Kerry's positions on aviation. Another 25% cast a vote for Kerry based entirely on non-aviation issues.

1% of AVweb readers voted for Ralph Nader, though we didn't ask if it was because of his opinions on GA.

Another 8% of AVweb readers told us their candidate did not appear on our "exit poll." In fact, we completely forgot to offer a third party option (other than Nader) in our original poll, and a handful of our readers called us to task. As usual, our readers made a good point so we added an option for "my candidate isn't on the list" halfway through the week. (And that category still managed to score 8% of the vote! AVweb readers are an independent-minded group, indeed.)

3% of eligible American readers didn't vote at all, and another 5% of our readership reported being ineligible to vote in the U.S. elections.


This week, we want to know how much you trust the FAA in its role as protector and police for the commercial aviation industry.

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