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Last week, AVweb asked our readers to deliver a verdict on the Lycoming verdict.  Too much money awarded?  Too little?  Dangerous precedent?

The majority of respondents (52%) categorized their feelings on the Lycoming verdict as "complicated."  While the company needs to be financially stable, AVweb readers also felt that Lycoming should hold themselves to a high standard of quality in order to earn the financial stability on which the entire engine market rests.

21% of readers thought the verdict was "a good swift kick in the butt for Lycoming," while 11% thought the excessive judgement was a bad omen for everyone involved in aviation.

Among the less popular replies to last week's question:

  • 69 AVweb readers thought this was another instance of a non-aviation-savvy jury acting in ignorance.
  • 10 readers said this was clearly a mistake and that Lycoming will eventually be vindicated.
  • 3 readers said the verdict was unequivocally good for the industry.
  • And 26 of you were more worried about your Lycoming crankshafts breaking than the actual courtroom decision.


Cue the X-Files theme music.  This week, an AVweb reader wants to know if you've ever seen a UFO and if so, what did you think it was?

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