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Last week, an AVweb reader suggested the U.S. government return some of the public-use airspace it's been confiscating as Military Operation Areas (MOAs) and we asked our other readers for their opinion on the matter.

Not surprisingly, most AVweb readers were unhappy with the current state of MOAs.  15% of you agreed with our reader, who suggested the military should return an equivalent amount of space for every new MOA it sets up.  Another 34% wanted to forget the "equivalent airspace" business and get some sky back for GA.  And 27% of you suggested locking down the current MOAs as much as possible in order to reduce the number of surprises pilots have to deal with.

Only 23% of readers were in favor of (or, at least, not agitated by) the loss of GA airspace to MOAs.  Of that group, two out of five pilots thought it best to err on the side of national security and give up the airspace when the U.S. military needs it.  The other three pilots didn't see why we were making such a big deal after all, you can fly through MOAs.

As usual, our "Question of the Week" provoked some interesting responses from AVweb readers.  A couple made it into Monday's AVmail, including one commentary from Chris Citchley of the U.K., who made us appreciate just how much airspace is available for GA here in the States.


Several weeks ago, one of our readers asked, "Have you ever had a near-mid-air and didn't report it?"  We thought it was a good question, and (now that we finally have a chance) we're putting it to you:

Have you every had a near-mid-air?
(Click to answer)

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