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Last week, in anticipation of Sun 'n Fun, AVweb asked how much money you typically spend at a fly-in.  Excepting the unavoidable expenses (fuel, travel accommodations, and admission), AVweb readers are keeping their spending grounded during this year's shows.

33% of respondents said they spend the bare minimum (enough for two hot dogs and a bottle of sunscreen) but not much else.

Slightly fewer readers (22% of our respondents) said they spend no more than $200 max, while another 23% said they spend in the $200-500 range.

14% of AVweb readers spend around $1,000 at fly-ins, and the remaining 8% make big-ticket purchases at fly-ins.  (5% fell into the "over $1,500" range, while 3% told us they've bought airplanes or comparably expensive equipment at fly-ins.)


Fight!  This week, AVweb is pitting glass-panel against analog, and we'd like you to referee.

Which do you prefer?

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