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Last week, AVweb asked what you thought of "push-button flying."  Are the new wave of remote-controlled and autopiloted vehicles a modern convenience or an insult to the well-honed skills of pilots?

10% of you were completely in favor of the new technologies.  Planes that are easier to fly and land, you reasoned, will be more appealing to a new generation of pilots and what aviation needs is a new generation of pilots.

Another 27% of those surveyed thought that autopilots and remote controls are good because they enable us all to fly (and arrive) more safely.  The goal is to arrive safely, you reminded us not necessarily to push pilots' skills to the limit.

But a few of you disagreed.  22% of respondents thought that a pilot's strong skillset and sharp thinking are too important to be eroded by a growing dependence on machines.

And the largest number of readers (41% of you) agreed with our statement Don't write us off yet.  Pilots are still the most important instrument in the cockpit.

As always, there were some insightful reader comments about this question in Monday's edition of AVmail.  Check it out, if you haven't already.


This week, AVweb asks the perennial puzzler: "Build or buy?"  The experimentals of yesterday are today's top-of-the-line certified designs.  So what do you think of today's homebuilt aircraft?  Would you build one yourself?  Fly someone else's?

Click here to tell us where you stand.

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