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Last week, AVweb asked the burning question on so many would-be aircraft owners' minds:  Build or buy?

We offered a range of answers, hoping to find out where our readers stand on today's hot-shot homebuilts.

The answer?  All over the map.

Our readers' opinions seemed pretty diverse, with the largest segment (35% of respondents) telling us they'd happily build their own plane.  Another 7% of you said you'd love to own an already-built experimental, but maybe you don't have the time to put into building it yourself.  23% of you endorsed the homebuilts but told us it was a combination of time and/or money holding you back from taking the plunge.

On the other side of the spectrum, 8% of our respondents confessed to being "spam can" all the way with no interest in building or flying homemade aircraft.  Another 11% admitted they were tempted, but they just couldn't bring themselves to trust their bodies in planes of their own construction.

16% were perfectly happy with their certificated aircraft, believing the officially-constructed planes reduced risk and in some cases even saved them money.


This week, AVweb wants to know whether you prefer round gauges or flat panels.

Enough with the finer details.
State your preference.

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