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Last week, AVweb asked whether an instrument rating automatically makes a pilot safer.

The largest segment of our respondents (34%) thought this was a no-brainer:  "Any extra training makes a pilot better" (and safer), they told us.

A second segment (four fewer respondents than the previous group) agreed with our statement that judgement is more important to safety than weather conditions or instrument ratings but being instrument-rated can improve a pilot's judgement and make his flying safer.

22% of you agreed that an instrument-rated pilot is better prepared to address unsafe conditions and so, in a sense, is a "safer pilot."

A mere 7% of you reminded us that weather is a notorious killer of pilots and an instrument rating is a license to fly in bad weather.  And the remaining 3% thought an instrument rating can foster a false sense of confidence, which can actually make pilots less safe.


This week, AVweb wants to know how you feel about pulling the 'chute or at least having the option.  Given the choice, would you rather fly an aircraft that has a full-aircraft parachute system?

Click here to answer.

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