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Last week, AVweb asked if you had taken the time to comment on Docket #17005 the proposed rule to make the D.C.-area ADIZ a permanent feature of Washington's airspace.

A staggering 78% of those who responded said YES, I think it's important we speak out about this.

A small but significant 9% of our respondents told us that no, they had not commented because they felt there were legitimate reasons for a permanent ADIZ.

A slightly smaller 6% said no, they hadn't commented because the issue didn't affect them directly or was none of their business.

Only six readers (2% of the poll at the time of this report) had taken time to comment in support of the permanent ADIZ.

Fifteen readers were unaware of Docket #17005 and the permanent ADIZ.


New jets what's your price point?

You can get a new Bonanza for $700,000. Diamond hopes to (one day) offer you its single-engine jet for "well under" $1 million. What if, when little jets (and their engines) are mass produced, prices fall? What price point would allow you to buy?

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