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Being a commercial pilot isn't quite as glamorous as it once was.  Given the emphasis on lay-offs and shrinking retirement funds in recent years, we wondered if there was any romance left for what was once considered a dream job.  So last week, AVweb asked how many of you still dream of flying the heavy iron.

Apparently, it's not that many.  Only 35% of those who responded answered with an emphatic YES, the best place for an office is still in the cockpit.

The rest of you agreed that commercial-jet piloting has lost some of its mystique though for different reasons.  10% of you said the job had lost its appeal because of the shrinking financial rewards.  Another 20% blamed the inescapable politics that have crept into the cockpit pilots have to tread carefully among the agendas of unions, management, and maintenance these days.  And the final 35% of our respondents said that commercial piloting is just too unstable a career.


Lightgun signals.

We all have to learn them. Sometimes our instructors even help us remember them.

Have you ever used them?

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