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Last week, AVweb asked how long your longest cross-country flight was.

As it turns out, AVweb readers are a healthy mix of adventurous aviators and home-patch fliers.  A full 23% of you told us you'd flown over 1700 nautical miles at a shot, while a comparable 20% said your longest flight was between 200 and 500 nm.

The median answers leveled out pretty evenly as well, with 20% of you having flown between 500 and 800 nm, 18% between 800 and 1200 nm, and 13% over 1200 nm but less than the aforementioned 1700 nm.

Relatively few readers (only 6% of those surveyed) told us they had traveled less than 200 nm on a cross-country.


This week, AVweb wants to hear your opinion on yesterday's shooting death of an airline passenger by Federal Air Marshalls.  Is this an example of a system that works, or one that failed?

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Note: AVweb had not at the time of this writing been able to find any specific witness's account or any identified individual claiming to have heard the now-deceased man state the words, "I have a bomb" or something similar. We're not saying he didn't say it. We're saying we can't name anyone who heard the now-deceased man say it, first hand. It is possible the man offered those words only to Federal Air Marshals

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