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Last week, just hours after Federal Air Marshals shot and killed an airline passenger, AVweb asked our readers for their opinion on the incident.

67% of you saw the shooting as an example of the system in action although one with tragic consequences.

The other 33% of our readership thought the death of an innocent man was a clear indicator that the system had failed.


Follow-up to the American Airlines incident. Initial mainstream media reports generally told one version of events, indicating that 44-year-old Rigoberto Alpizar was threatening to detonate (or at least claiming to have) a bomb. Now, one week later, news media from Yahoo! to TIME magazine to Fox News to CNN have offered briefs more in line with AVweb's original next-day coverage.

Our question to you: If Rigoberto Alpizar never said anything suggesting that he may have had a bomb, would that change your opinion about the event?

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