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Last week, AVweb asked if you're worried about the controller shortage.

Most of you an overwhelming 88% of those who responded feel controllers are the single most important part of the flight system.  We'd better have enough, you said, and they'd better be properly compensated!

7% of those who responded (just under 100 individuals at press time) thought that controllers are important but didn't believe the FAA would allow a controller shortage to jeopardize safety.

Another 3% of respondents (under 50 of you at this writing) thought there might be more controllers to fill demand if NATCA were willing to negotiate lower salaries.

And a tiny 2% of you (24 people at press time) aren't concerned about the so-called "controller crisis."


Lycoming's crankshaft issues continue. Have the recalls and retirements affected your impression of the company and its product?

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