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Last week, AVweb wanted to know how many of our enterprising readers are taking maintenance matters into their own hands.  When provisions allow you to perform maintenance tasks on your own aircraft, do you take advantage?

It turns out a good many AVweb readers do use the provisions their advantage 53% of those who responded said they do as much maintenance as they're allowed (following all the regulations to the letter, naturally).

Another 32% of you were adventurous enough to tackle some of the maintenance but felt it best to leave the stickier tasks to the professionals.

For 12% of you, the only hands under your cowl are those of a trained professional.  Any other hands even your own just don't cut it for your aircraft.

And a mere 23 readers were brave enough to ask Um, what provisions ... ?


Taxi into position and hold procedures are no longer welcome at most airports. Your local airport was probably affected, but it's possible nobody asked your opinion. So now we are.

What do you think of the change? (click to answer)

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