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Last week, in the wake of the latest Lycoming crankshaft issues, AVweb asked whether owners should have to foot the bill to replace suspect crankshafts built into their engines.

The majority of respondents (63% of you) said NO mostly because we're talking about paying for crankshafts that haven't been proven to be substandard.

A small group (24% of respondents) also said NO, but this time because the buyer no matter what the situation with Lycoming or the engines is not at fault for defects in the crankshafts.

And another 6% of readers said NO, even though their feelings on the issue didn't match our available choices.

On the other side of the issue, only 7% of those who responded thought Lycoming should pass along the replacement costs to engine owners.  Eight readers thought it was better than bankrupting Lycoming, 16 wanted to see if the company could survive the backlash from retroactively raising costs, and another 8 said their feelings weren't represented by our choices.


If we gave you a closetful of cash but only enough for one jet which VLJ would you choose? (Assume for the sake of this question that each design succeeds in attaining certification.)

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