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Last week, AVweb asked whether or not you believe the "secret" report from the U.K. that UFOs are mainly terrestrial aircraft and mundane (if unidentifiable) weather phenomena.

Votes were split nearly evenly:

  • 29% of you agreed with the down-to-earth assessment of UFOs

  • another 29% said "there might be something to this UFO thing"

  • only slightly more of you (33%) are straddling the fence and reserving judgement on UFOs

A small (but notable) 9% of you said no way to the U.K. report, citing personal experiences that couldn't be explained away so easily.


Engines: With the rising cost of fuel, fears (founded or not) that 100LL may one day dry up, and production problems hitting long-established manufacturers, how do you feel about diesel piston-engines?

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