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Last week, AVweb asked our readers if there really is a market for "thousands" of very light jets.  Since you'll be the ones buying them, it seemed like a good idea ... .

Our always-cautious readership gravitated toward the maybe answer, citing that the number of VLJs on order may be very different from the number that are eventually delivered.  48% of those who responded stayed within the maybe category.

On the yes/no front, our readership was pretty evenly divided.  15% said yes, there's definitely a market while slightly more of you (21%) said no.

The remaining 16% of respondents opted for our two more esoteric choices 20 of you going out on a limb to say that VLJs will eventually eliminate the market for piston-twins, and 14 of you saying that the orders are proof positive that the market exists.


News of a crankshaft failure in a Lycoming engine. How does that make you feel?

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