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Last week, it seemed like everyone was excited and curious about the announcement of a so-called "Cirrus Killer" from the design team at Cessna.  AVweb polled readers for their initial reactions, asking where a Cessna Cirrus Killer would rank in relation to other popular planes.

At press time, 46% of you had answered If it can't match the performance, it's still behind Columbia and Mooney on my list.

Aside from that rather sizable portion of respondents, the next most popular answer was a resounding endorsement for the hypothetical Cessna, with 19% of readers saying It's automatically higher on my list if it's from Cessna.

16% answered What can I say? I prefer to have the wing on top.

9% said it would take a Cessna 'chute (at the minimum) to make the plane a real Cirrus Killer.

And 10% of readers told us they'd have preferred an announcement of a Light Sport Aircraft from Cessna.

For real-time results of last week's question, click here.


Light Sport:  It's here, but has it removed the barriers keeping prospective pilots from aviation?

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