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LSA has officially been with us for more than a year now and last week AVweb asked if the Sport Pilot Rule is really bringing new pilots into the fold.

The greater part of you who took time to answer last week's question (46%, to be exact) thought said NO. The barrier isn't training; nor is it medical considerations, you wrote. The barrier is money.

A much smaller (but still notable) 14% of our readership said that YES, Sport Pilot has removed some of the barriers that prevent new pilots from taking up flying. According to those readers, we should expect a steady and growing flow of sport pilots as the years go by.

Another significant segment of respondents, 37%, told us to instead expect old pilots to retire to Sport Pilot status, [but] don't expect a big influx of new pilot starts due to the Sport Pilot rules.

Finally, 13 readers (3% of the total response group) told us that growing the pilot pool is not what Sport Pilot is about. It's about legalizing fat ultralights, you said, and it's done that.

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This week, AVweb looks to the future and asks you to speculate on some of the possible perks of a privatized ATC system. Are pilots overlooking the upsides of privatization?

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