Question of the Week: Cell Phones in the Cockpit

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Last week, in the wake of the news that one of the WAAS satellites had failed, we asked if it might be time to re-consider LORAN as a ground-based alternative to GPS.

We're glad we asked, since the question spurred some of our best reader mail in weeks. Many of you took us to task for asking about LORAN-C instead of E-LORAN and if you missed the letters we ran in this week's AVmail, you should definitely click over there and check them out.

In the poll itself, 43% of respondents said Yes, LORAN-C has proven itself and should stay in place as a ground-based back-up for GPS. The second most popular option in our poll, garnering 29% of responses, was no; instead, more redundancy should be built into GPS/WAAS. And yes, we were a little surprised that a handful of readers (only seven!) were so far removed from LORAN they were able to choose our cheekiest option, What's LORAN-C?

Want to see a full breakdown of responses? Take a moment to answer the question yourself, and then you can view real-time results.


The FAA and NTSB say cockpit distractions are a serious hazard. Where do you fit in?

What's your policy on cell phones and electronic entertainment devices in the cockpit?
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