Question of the Week: What Was the Biggest News Out of Oshkosh at EAA AirVenture 2007?

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Last week, Eclipse surprised everyone with a sleek, elegant concept jet design that quickly became the talk of Oshkosh.  In the midst of AirVenture, we asked what AVweb readers thought of Eclipse's big-news concept jet debut.

Reactions were mostly positive, with 31% of respondents calling the jet a terrific idea that will benefit GA and the light jet market.  At the other end of the spectrum, 36% of respondents said that Eclipse might do better to spend their time getting the long-anticipated 500 to market instead of introducing a four-place jet of limited practicality.

You can view a complete breakdown of the responses here.
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Now that EAA AirVenture is history, which news announcement from the air show excited you the most?  Was it the Eclipse concept jet, the Cessna SkyCatcher, the FAA's big news about the D.C. ADIZ or something else entirely?

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