Question of the Week: The Future of Flying

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With more and more stories on AVweb focusing on runway incursions, aging pilots, and overworked controllers, it's hard not to ask yourself Is overall aviation safety headed for a decline?

Last week, we put that question to AVweb readers, and an incredible 73% of respondents said yes, NATCA and the NTSB are right; there are too few eyes watching too many airplanes crammed into inadequate airports.

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It's a safe bet that (almost) all AVweb readers are big proponents of the GA lifestyle, but is that really where the future of aviation lies? As 2008 approaches, are we closer than ever to Jetsons-style aircraft for the everyman or is flying getting so complicated and expensive that it's best left to the professionals?

What is aviation's next frontier? (Click to tell us what you think.)

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