Question of the Week: Ready or Not, GA's Going Green

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With the EAA contemplating a new class of kitbuilt aircraft where the builder wouldn't (necessarily) have to be involved in over half of all wrench-turns during construction, we asked readers for their take on the 51% Rule.

A clear majority of our readers (54% of those who took time to respond) said that yes, technology has come so far that the rule now limits the ability of kit manufacturers to get maximum performance and utility out of their designs. On the other hand, a pretty significant 31% of respondents said maybe not but still thought that professional assistance should be allowed (and encouraged) under the 51% rule.

For the complete breakdown of answers, click here.
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The Environmental Protection Agency says it's getting a lot of inquiries from people concerned about the impact of aviation on the environment. What should aviation's response be?

Is it time to limit our flying for the sake of the environment?

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