Question of the Week: Government Regulation a GoodThing?

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This Week's Question | Last Week's Results


Our most recent "Questions of the Week" have centered around airplane shopping and buying.  Last week, we asked which factor (from our list) is the most important in your personal decision to by a new aircraft.

Always responsible, AVweb readers named safety the most important factor in their purchase, with nearly 25% of respondents rating it at the top of their lists.  The second most important factor, getting 17% of respondents' votes, was economy another practical consideration we can't deny.

14% of you chose speed as the most important factor one which, we suppose, could be either a practical consideration or simply a personal preference.

11% ranked comfort as the number one variable in making a purchase.

And 12% of you told us that your top consideration was something we hadn't listed.

Curious about the other factors we offered as choices or what the other 25% of respondents chose?
Click here for detailed results of last week's QOTW poll.


This week's Question comes from an AVweb reader, who writes:

Since de-regulation more than 25 years ago, the U.S. has seen airlines soar and sink. Mostly sink. September 11 didn't help. Delays caused by airport caused by airport capacity don't help. The impending air traffic controller shortage surely won't help. The legacy major air carriers haven't seen sustainable profit in a very long time.

His question:

Would you like to see some form of government regulation for the airlines in hopes of bringing a more stable path for them to succeed?

Click here to answer.

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