Question of the Week: Marion Blakey's FAA Administrator Report Card

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Last week, an AVweb reader suggested that the difficulties many are experiencing with the newly-privatized AFSS system may be more than mere growing pains they might be the early death cries of an antiquated system, now that DUATS, cell phone usage, and public internet access are on the rise.  We put the question to our readers:  Should the FAA eliminate FSS and require pilots to obtain flight briefings and file flight plans via the computer-based DUATS system?

Most readers were a bit cooler (and more conservative) on the notion of eliminating FSS altogether, with 54% of those who responded to last week's saying No, the service provided by FSS will improve and is still valuable.

You can view complete breakdown of the responses here.
(You may be asked to register and answer, if you haven't already participated in this poll.)


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) this week called for the resignation of FAA Administrator Marion Blakey due to continued air traffic congestion in the New York metro area.

Taking a bigger picture view near the end of her five-year term,
what grade would you give Blakey for her management of the FAA?

Click here to answer.

(We'll put Sen. Schumer down for an F.)

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